January 24, 2020 | The King-Brown Team

The KB Team Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Condominium

The KB Team Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Condominium



A buyer working with us will benefit from the following:

1. Access to listings in every neighborhood represented by all agents city-wide. Once we have discussed your needs in depth, we will keep you updated with new listings that come to market fitting your criteria. Seen something online that you love? Share it with us for deeper insight on the building or neighborhood. Remember that online listings showcase only the positive, but insider knowledge is a critical advantage. We can provide insight into a condominium's litigation issues for example, or the high-rise development planned for the lot next door. 

2. The expertise of a skilled negotiator, dedicated to representing your best interests. Getting a great deal is everyone's primary objective, and we are highly strategic in utilizing pricing data, market sentiment and tactical bidding to secure the best possible price for our clients. But in any deal, the devil is in the details, and we will ensure that you get not just a good price, but other valuable concessions that are easily overlooked, be it a financing contingency, splitting a flip tax, or including blinds and light fixtures. Remember that a seller's agent can provide a wealth of information about a particular property, but is paid to the act in the seller's best interests only. 

3. The advantage of our working relationships with brokers in our community, built over a decade of deals and grounded in integrity and mutual respect. Collaborative deal-making is the foundation of our business, and our years of positive interactions with our colleagues across the city help facilitate transactional experiences that are positive and productive for all parties. 

4. Access to our established relationships with a range of expert service providers. Purchasers need an attorney to transact in New York, and we can recommend not only the most efficient and well-qualified attorney for a particular deal, but also mortgage lenders, accountants, property managers, insurance providers, contractors, interior designers and housekeepers, all tried and trusted by our clients.

5. Step by step guidance and coordination through every stage of the purchase process, from offer to contract to closing. We facilitate communication with the seller's representatives, ensure that the lender and appraiser have the necessary documentation for their due diligence, and liaise with the property management company day-to-day, reducing stress by ensuring the all parties are on the same page and nothing gets missed. One of the quirks of New York City real estate is the condominium purchase application, and we will work with you to compile the necessary tax documents, income and asset disclosures and personal and professional recommendations to finalize your purchase. 

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