February 21, 2020 | The King-Brown Team

The King-Brown Pre-Listing Checklist

The King-Brown Pre-Listing Checklist

✓ Scrub everything until it sparkles.

✓ Ask us to coordinate a visit from a professional, insured window cleaner (make sure all windows are operable).

✓ Remove and repair all signs of water damage, mildew and other deterioration.

✓ Repair holes and cracks in ceilings.

✓ Repaint with a “commercial double coat” of flat white on walls, eggshell white on ceilings.

✓ Remove wallpaper that isn’t considered ‘neutral’ in taste.

✓ Repair or refinish existing floor surfaces.

✓ Re-grout wall tiles in bathrooms & clean floor-tile grout.

✓ Restore or repair existing bathroom fixtures if necessary.

✓ Add new shower curtain, rod and hooks or replace with a glass partitions.

✓ Repair or renovate kitchen cabinets making sure doors and drawers operate smoothly.

✓ Increase existing lighting. Replace old ceiling fixtures, increase bulb wattage.

✓ Eliminate odors. Remove both the kitty and the litter box. Empty garbage.

✓ Create pleasing scents. Bake a loaf of bread, boil some cinnamon or set out flowers or potpourri.

✓ "Expand" bathroom size with visual ploys. Install a mirror opposite medicine cabinet.

✓ "Expand" closet size with visual ploys like thinning out the clothes.

✓ "Expand" size of other rooms, e.g. with mirrors at ends of hallways, in corners, adjacent to windows.

✓ Replace broken window panes and mirrors.

✓ Repair or replace doorbell.

Staging Tips

✓ Remember, the main rule of staging is to "neutralize" the environment.

✓ Remove personal photos, waste cans, cosmetics and personal effects.

✓ The potential buyer should walk in and feel it’s a model home, devoid of clutter.

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